Burger King perks up its coffee options

By Staff Report Article posted on Thu. Feb. 28th, 2013

A custom blend crafted by Seattle’s Best Coffee is among 10 new beverage options percolating at Burger King. Available in regular and decaf, Brewed Smooth Roast Coffee is a 100 percent Latin American arabica blend from the premium brand, which is available at Starbucks, as well as 50,000 other locations nationwide.

Suggested retail price starts at $1. Smooth Roast Iced Coffee begins with the smooth roast combined with one of four flavors: plain, vanilla, mocha and caramel. Suggested retail price starts at $1.49.

Lattés have a base of 100 percent Latin American arabica espresso from Seattle’s Best Coffee. They are available in plain, vanilla, mocha and caramel flavors, as well as nonfat varieties, beginning in March at participating locations. Suggested retail price starts at $2.29.

“We know how important coffee is to Burger King guests, and we’re focused on giving them a great cup,” said Jennifer Dimaris, vice president of brand management for Seattle’s Best Coffee.

“Continuing to innovate and improve the Burger King brand’s coffee and beverage platforms are among our top priorities for the year,” said Eric Hirschhorn, vice president of global innovation for Burger King Worldwide Inc. “With the help of our experienced partner, Seattle’s Best Coffee, we were able to collaborate, identify and develop the ideal custom blend.”

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