Humans of Riverbend

By Maura Friedman, Anna Lockhart, Mary Helen Miller Article posted on Tue. June 10th, 2014

By Maura Friedman, Anna Lockhart, Mary Helen Miller, and Shawn Paik

Inspired by Brandon Stanton's Humans of New York, we bring you Humans of Riverbend: the people you walked by and the conversations you missed.

Jeff Taber and his guide dog, Chilli

"She's my bodyguard. She helps keep my spirits up."

Kelsey Durham (right) and Kadie Stalyon

"We do mostly everything the same. We eat the same, dress the same. Same drama."

TIm Wickstrom and his son Gunnar, 3 1/2

"I've seen Widespread Panic about 200 times. They just keep getting better and better. Gunnar has seen them probably 3 times."

Kenneth Gordon aka The Clown Rolling Around

"I do this every year."

Dallas Payeton (right) and Thomas Carter

"What advice would you give to a big group of people?"

"Don't do drugs."

"Don't stress too much."

Katy Perdue (right) and Rylie Vo

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"A police officer!"

"A veterinarian!"

Cynthia Hampton

"What's your best quality?"

"My smile."

Chloe Dereuter and Caylen Garrett

Caylen on her cat-eye makeup. "It was what I started with. I can't do it simply; it has to be cat eye."

Melody Hallidaw and Brileigh Nimelms, her first daughter

"What's the best part about being a mom?"

"Knowing how to pass things down. Like this. It's her first Riverbend."

Kristi Long

"I haven't been out too much recently so my friends said 'Let's go to the Strut.'"

Steve Brace and Renae Riddle

"It's my 100th festival, but we've done six or seven together."

Olivia Lynn (left) and Jessica Choy

"When I first saw her she had blue hair and I thought she looked like the meanest person in the world. Now we're friends."

Travis Hawkins (right) and Michael Harrison

"What's something someone wouldn't know just by looking at you?"

"I have five kids – all girls."

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