New ownership at Bald Headed Bistro

Article posted on Sun. Jan. 27th, 2013

Bald Headed Bistro is entering 2013 with new owners, including Executive Vice President and managing member Josh Weekley, who plans to use his experience and enthusiasm to maintain the highest standards of quality in everything from the food to the service.

“We’re just looking to continue offering the same excellent service like we have been,” Weekley says. “This is a great opportunity for me. I’ve been involved with this restaurant for seven years and being part of the ownership team allows me to feel that my work hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Weekley began his career at BHB as a server and bartender, but was soon chosen to become a bar manager. From there, he rose to director of operations in charge of the restaurant’s staff and from there to general manager, overseeing all of the restaurant’s day-today needs. Now as a managing member of the ownership team, Weekley plans to continue creating an environment of comfort for guests complemented by a menu full of delicious and sometimes rare ingredients.

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    Josh Weekley, left, and Executive Chef Brick Johnson.

“Because we are an independent company, we can do what we want to do,” says Weekley. “We bring the best ingredients possible in and create the best service possible. We create the highest standards and hold ourselves accountable for them. We are using only the best of the best that we can get our hands on.”

This winter, BHB began importing Kobe beef from Japan and other prime beef grade selections to make the dining experience at the Cleveland restaurant that much more enticing. The menu changes seasonally.

Guests can enjoy selections from the four-course menu available Monday-Wednesday and the weekend chef’s special menus as well.

Executive Chef Bick Johnson, who Weekley says was recently named one of the Best Chefs in America, creates the restaurant’s recipes. “I think right now with our executive chef, certified wine specialist and our staff, which hasn’t changed very much at all, we are at the best point we’ve ever been in the life of the restaurant,” says Weekley. “We’re executing perfect dishes, chef is producing very inspired chef specials and we are bringing in new wines all the time. We can have chef-inspired and wine-inspired dinners that really allow us to access the talent and individuality from everyone else on our team.”

Throughout this year, BHB will not only focus on its regular and specialty menus, but also use the combined culinary and wine expertise of the staff to create unique evenings with specialty themed menus.

For example, Saturday, Feb. 23 at 6 p.m., BHB is hosting a beer and bacon dinner that will focus on the growing trend of craft beers. With the beers as the focus, the menu will include bacon-oriented recipes that highlight each craft selection. A menu will be available online soon for the dinner, for which guests must RSVP.

Another of the restaurant’s goals this year is to keep up with new trends and provide the best of everything available.

“I think high-gravity beer is going to be a big thing in 2013,” Weekley says. “We do have a few high-gravity beers: Kentucky Bourbon Ale, which is Kentucky ale that they take and age in bourbon barrels, which gives it that caramel, mocha essence and makes it a very complex flavor.”

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