Biba's Italian Restaurant unveils newly wrapped catering van

Article posted on Sun. Nov. 25th, 2012

BiBa’s Italian Restaurant is releasing a new menu that features favorite traditional Italian recipes from lasagna to housemade pizza as well as a new selection of succulent steaks.

“We had guests ask us to carry steaks so we decided to add three different steaks to the menu: an 8-ounce filet, 12-ounce rib-eye and 12-ounce top sirloin,” says restaurant co-owner John Cunningham, who worked with BiBa’s founder Krist Biba to create the new menu. “If we are going to do steaks, we’re going to do them right. We invested in an industrial- size griller.”

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    Biba's Italian Restaurant manager and server, Casey Lively

The new grill sears the meat so that none of the delicious juices are lost in preparation. Then the succulent steak is placed in a hot box, where after initially sealing in the juices the meat can be cooked to the guest’s preferred temperature without losing any of the flavor.

The new menu also includes several additional recipes such as a pan-seared chicken and mixed vegetable dish for guests on a gluten-free diet, as well as whole-wheat and gluten-free pasta options for the favorite pasta dishes on the menu.

Thanks to a new catering van, staff can safely deliver large catering orders to local businesses and private celebrations while maintaining the same food quality found at the restaurant. Cunningham says the main focus when catering an event is to always make everything as easy for the host as possible while keeping the affair extremely tasty for guests.

“We normally set it up that when we pull the food out of the oven it is going straight into the van and by the time we drop it off it is still steaming hot and they can swerve it immediately,” he says. “On our catering menu we have it so that when you place a catering order, perhaps a tray of baked lasagna, it includes an equal-size salad and enough rolls for that number of people. We offer chafing dishes and burners and we offer complimentary serving utensils as well for the main dishes.”

The catering menu features all the restaurant’s favorite recipes along with some additional dishes like lamb chops, tuna wraps and sub-style sandwiches. BiBa’s also caters in the restaurant and can accommodate groups as large as 50 diners. Cunningham says recently the restaurant hosted a local high school football team so that the youth could carb-up before their game.

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