New outdoor sculpture installed in Trenton, Ga.

By Staff Report Article posted on Thu. Dec. 20th, 2012

A ceremony celebrating the latest ArtScape installation in Trenton, Ga., is scheduled Saturday, Dec. 22. Artist Jerry Wallace will be on hand for the event, which starts at noon at the installation site, 12700 N. Main St.

Wallace's "Temporal Transect #2" is the third sculpture in the Trenton Arts Council's ArtScape project, an ongoing series of temporary art installations. The works are on loan from the artists and for sale through the Trenton Arts Council, with a portion of proceeds going to the council to continue its work.

Wallace's work was installed Dec. 8 at W.D. Thomas Enterprises Inc., a half-mile north of the Dade County Courthouse square. It will remain on view from six months to a year.

In a statement about the sculpture, Wallace explained how the history of the Earth and some of its former inhabitants may be read in geologic strata and its fossil records "like the chapters of a book."

"There are mysteries yet to be solved from ages past, and many that never will be," he says. " 'Temporal Transect #2' posits a time when the artifacts and leavings of the Anthropocene epoch will appear as strange and mysterious to the inhabitants of some far-flung era as the remains of the creatures bound up in the rocks under our feet do to us today."

Wallace studied art at the University of Georgia, with an emphasis on graphic design. For the past 30 years, he has worked as an illustrator and animator, primarily designing animation and graphics for the laser-show entertainment industry. In that time, he has garnered more than a dozen awards for his art. This is his first public sculpture.

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