Special buffet for Christmas

Hibachi Grill serves hundreds of delicious dishes

Article posted on Sun. Dec. 2nd, 2012
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    Hibachi chef Samuel Morales Perez
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The Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet will be open Christmas Day for its regular business hours, but it won’t all be business as usual.

The Asian restaurant is breaking the boundaries of a traditional buffet by introducing a globalized selection of recipes, and during holidays, hostess Yuki Yu says the kitchen prepares even more specialties to celebrate the occasion.

“We’ve got good, quality food,” says Yu. “Christmas Day everyone can eat here for the buffet and all day it is $9.99. There will be turkey, crab legs, oysters, many things.”

Hibachi Grill offers hundreds of buffet items daily, from its famous pepper shrimp to cheesecake. Recipes change often as the chefs respond to customers’ demands for their favorite dishes. For example, Hibachi Grill recently added crab legs to the dinner buffet (which begins at 4 p.m.) every Thursday through Saturday as a result of guests’ requests.

“They want our buffet because there is a combination of food, lots of variety and it’s a cheap price,” Yu says, noting the more than 100 entrées on the lunch buffet alone — everything from Italian, American and Mexican to the expected Chinese and Japanese fare. “Everyone can find something they like. It’s easy to find whatever you want. When they come in they get not just buffet, but there is also a hibachi grill and sushi bar.”

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    Banana pudding

As the holidays approach and guests are watching their spending, Yu says the buffet offers an affordable price for everyone from a busy office worker to an entire family in town for the festivities. Every day for lunch, Chattanoogans can enjoy Hibachi Grill’s buffet for $6.50, with a discounted price for kids ages 3-6 at $2.25 and ages 7-10 at $3.65. Monday through Wednesday the dinner buffet is $8.45 for adults, while kids ages 3-6 can dine for $3.25 and those ages 7-10 for $4.25. Every Thursday through Saturday the buffet costs $9.99 because it offers crab legs. The Sunday buffet is available all day for $8.45.

Yu encourages guests to consider the restaurant for special events, including birthday celebrations and corporate lunches and holiday dinners. The best part of the party is that there is no long wait as everyone orders, because guests can take their seats, order a drink and then immediately fill their plates at the buffet.


LOCATION: 6734 Lee Highway.

PHONE: 855-8070.

HOURS: Monday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Sunday is an all-day dinner buffet.)

“We do a lot of parties, always,” Yu says. “We have a room in the back for parties that can seat about 200 people. Every week someone is using it. They just pay for their meals, no charge for the room.”

Diners who host a party of more than 30 people receive a 10 percent discount on the buffet. Hibachi Grill also offers students, seniors age 60 and older as well as military personnel a 10 percent discount for dining.

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